Yes, we ask lots of questions about the mitzvah dresses we take for consignment. We never want there to be any doubt that the dress you purchase was only worn once. We also don’t want you to worry that someone may say, “wasn’t that dress worn by Jenny??”

No, you don’t have to worry about running into lots of people you know at our shop. We show Encore dresses by appointment only so all of the attention is on you, because it is your special day!

Yes, we accept sister of the bar/bat mitzvah dresses and service dresses.  

No, we are not accepting mother of the bar/bat mitzvah dresses — yet. We will be sure to update our customers when we are ready to expand!

Yes, we have a Venmo account and can easily accept payments that way - in fact, it is our favorite way.

No, we do not accept credit cards. Credit cards charge high fees and we want to avoid having to pass along those fees to our customers.

Yes, we have an address. Until we find the perfect retail space, we are keeping our fabulous dresses in our home. Because of this, we do not provide an address on our website. Please contact us when you are ready to consign or buy an Encore dress and we will provide you with the location.

No, we will not take back and resell a dress that we have already sold. We sell only once-worn dresses!