Items must be once-worn, in excellent condition, cleaned and on hangers (no rips, spots, stains, etc.). Items will be inspected upon delivery.

Consignor may drop-off items by appointment only. Consignor may also ship the items to Encore, but will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Encore will evaluate your items and set a sales price. Sales price will usually be 40-60% of the original price depending on designer, style, condition, etc.  Encore and Consignor will agree on the sales price as documented on your original consignment receipt. Encore reserves the right to adjust the sales price if any items require further cleaning or repairs by Encore necessary to sell the item.

*Encore and Consignor will split the sales proceeds 50/50%*

Encore has a six month consignment period.  

If after three months the items are not sold, Encore has the right to reduce the sales price by up to 25%.

If after the six month period the items are not sold, Consignor has the option of (1) reclaiming the items (with shipping costs, if any, to be paid by Consignor); or (2) having Encore continue to market and sell the items by any means, including a further reduction in price. 

Consignment checks will be mailed to the address listed on the original consignment receipt. 

ENCORE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS DUE TO FIRE, THEFT, WATER DAMAGE, ACT OF GOD, ETC. ALL ITEMS ARE LEFT WITH ENCORE AT THE RISK OF THE CONSIGNOR. Insurance, if any, is the responsibility of the Consignor. Encore cannot be held financially responsible for ANY LOSS OF YOUR ITEMS.